NYOI Auditions Application

Apply to Audition for NYOI

Some information to be aware of before submitting your online application.

To submit your application you will need…

* Head-and-shoulders photograph

You will be asked to upload a photograph. A 'head-and-shoulders' photograph taken from your smartphone, like one of the good photos below, is preferable. This image must be jpg, png or heif format, not exceeding 1Mb in size. Please ensure that you have this image available and ready to upload before proceeding with your application. You may find it more convenient to use a desktop device.

Do not use

Please do not try to upload images which are larger than 1Mb. Do not use a photograph of your passport page. Do not use a picture of you with others, or a picture of you at a distance.

* A non-refundable fee of €20.00 is payable for each application.

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